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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

More Llama Stereoviews

Stereoview of llamas at London Zoo
Four llamas pulling a cart in the London Zoological Gardens.
This steroview is titled “London Zoo, Llama Four in Hand”.

Stereoview of llama at London Zoo
This stereoview says:
Animals in the gardens of the Zoological Society of London.
On the bottom it says “Llama, Auchena Glama”.

Stereoview picture of llamas
The title on this stereo picture is “Llamas in the Columbo Botanical Gardens”.
(These two animals look suspiciously like guancos though,
as does the one below.)

Stereoview picture of a llama
The title on this stereoview is “The Llama”.
It is an actual photo glued to a card.

Stereoview picture of llamas in Central Park
The title on this stereoview is “1229 South American Llamas”.
(I would suspect though, that they are actually alpacas.)

It is a two-sided card with kangaroos on the other side,
part of a set of photos taken in Central Park, New York.

Stereoview picture of llamas in Buenos Aires zoo
The title on this stereoview is “Llamas in Zoo, Buenos Aires”.

Stereoview picture of a llama in Bolivia
The title on this stereoview is “In the Highlands of Bolivia — Native Children with a Pet Llama”.

Stereoview picture of llamas in Bolivia
This stereoview is titled “The Town of Oruro in the Tin-Mining Center of Bolivia, South America.”

Stereoview picture of llama in Mount Lehman
This is a very rare stereoview, in fact it is the only one in existence.
It dates from the latter part of the last century
and shows a llama herd in Mount Lehman.

Stereoview picture of llama in Mount Lehman
Another rare stereoview which dates from nineties in the last century
shows a llama named Pinky in Mount Lehman.

Colour picture of llama in Mount Lehman
With the magic of computer technology we have managed to colorize
the image from the stereoview above.

If you don’t have a viewer to see the 3-D stereoviews pictured above,
we have converted them to anaglyph format on a separate page
so that they can be seen by using a set of red/blue anaglyph glasses.

Anaglyph glasses
If you don’t have any of these glasses lying around,
you can get a set of free anaylph glasses
by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to this 3-D supply company.

There are also anaglyph glasses in some issues of magazines
that you might have lying around such as
the August 1998 National Geographic or the winter issue of Sports Illustrated.

We have some colour stereo pictures of some of our llamas as well as
some 3-D pictures taken around the farm plus some stereo llama hiking pictures.

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