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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Christmas Llamas

Christmas sign in Arica

Christmas poster
was displayed in
Arica, Chile.

Llama nativity scene in Arica

Also in Arica
there was
a nativity scene
which included llamas.

Nativity scene, Peru

Rich earthy colors, the hues of Peruvian soil,
characterize this ceramic sculpture entitled
“The Pack Animal Driver’s Christmas”.

Chilean Santa Claus

This is “Veijo Pascuero” from Chile and is from
the International Santa Claus Collection. He is
dressed in a wonderful native costume with
red bolaro jacket, white shirt, tan leather pants
and beautiful gold trimmed boots. He has his arm
around his trusty white llama, who accompanies
him on Christmas Eve when Santa delivers his gifts.

Nativity scene, Peru

This nativity set from Ecuador
is made from is “masapan”
which means bread dough.
It depicts the Ecuadorian Quechua
indian rendition of the birth of Jesus.
The three kings are on llamas.

Santa Claus in Santiago

It was about eighty degrees
when I spotted this
sleeping Santa
in Santiago, Chile.

Those animals pulling the sleigh
look suspiciously like llamas.

Llama Christmas card

This is a Christmas card from 1949.

Llama Christmas card

This Christmas card from Cusco
is from 1958

Llama Christmas ornament Llama Christmas ornament

Here are a couple of little
bread dough llamas from Ecuador
that you can hang
on your Christmas tree.

Christmas rubber stamp

A couple of
Christmas rubber stamps.

The one below says “Merry Criasmas”.

Christmas rubber stamp

Llama Christmas wreath Christmas tree ornament

This patchwork style
wreath is made from
snippets of cloth
and figures filled with
cotton to adorn the
circular base with
scenes and motifs
from the Andes.

The llama on the right
is a traditional Peruvian
folk art Christmas ornament.

Nativity retablo from Peru

This is a retablo from Peru with a herd of llamas in the lower section. The word “retablo” means a group of figurines depicting a scene or a story.

The Peruvian retablos are made of wood, hinges with small nails for the doors, and a form of “papier maché” and gesso for the figurines, but made with Andean raw materials. Each figurine is hand made and hand painted to minute details. In general, these retablos depict a religious scene, in this case a nativity scene.

Back in 1995 we made a Christmas card based on a llama poem by Ogden Nash:

The one-l lama, he’s a priest.
The two-l llama, he’s a beast.
I will bet a silk pajama
There isn’t any three-l lllama.

As you can see below, we decided to take it a step further:
Bronx firefighter crest
You know that a three “el” llama
is a really big fire in New York . . .

Llamas in Peru
a two “el” llama is a beast from Peru . . .

Dalai Lama
and that a one “el” lama is a priest from Tibet,

Now you can meet . . .
Llama with antlers
the No “el” llama.

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