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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

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fossil fossils

The fossil above is a llama toe bone.

The fossils on the right, from left to right,
are a metapodial, a tibia, a femur,
and the little bone is the talus.

They were found in Florida
and are probably about 1.5 million years old.


This fossil lama tooth
was found in the
Steinhatchee River
located in Dixie County, Flordia.
Cigar label

A Guanaco cigar label showing
a guanaco and a guanaco hunt.

Donaldson Bros. Five Points, NY.

Phone card
A Peruvian phone
Razor strop

“Llama Brand”
razor strop.

Union Barber & Beauty Supply Co.
Washington DC

Five rubber stamps Rubber stamp


Check out the rubber stamp on the far right.

Have you ever seen a five-legged llama before?

Cuzco photo

Cathedral in
Cuzco, Peru
circa 1930,
showing a
herd of llamas
in the plaza.

cane llama

A llama figurine
made by
residents of
in Bolivia.
It is made from
cane that grows
in the lake.
They make boats,
and houses
out of the
same cane.

llama ear tassel

In the highlands of Peru
the owners of llamas
put colourful tassels
in the ears of their llamas.

Each herd has a different
combination of colours
for its identification.

Llama chess board

A South American
chess set with
llamas as knights.

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