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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Llama Jewelry

Tie pin

This 18K gold tie pin
was probably made in Belgium.


A copper
from Peru.

Silver charm llama

This little llama
is a sterling silver charm.

Gold llama

This gold-plated pin is a replica
of an old Incan piece
that would have been used
in animal fertility rites
and as votive offerings.


Hand-painted beads
from Peru often have a llama
along with cactus and desert scenes.

More beads Detail of bead

Peruvian beads
seem to come in
many shapes
and sizes.

If you look closely at the close-up on the left you may notice
that the llama looks as if it is crossed with an ant.

Llama beads

These really cool beads
have vertical holes
through them and
come from Peru.

Man’s watch

A llama watch
is useful to remind you
that it is time
to feed your llamas.

Silver earrings

Sterling silver
filigree earrings
from Peru.

Silver necklace Silver necklace

Cathy Norwood of
Melodie Hill
sent me these photos
of a filigree necklace
that she received
for Christmas.

Silver pin

Sterling silver pin
from Peru
showing a family
going to market.

The woman is carrying
her baby on her back
and is spinning wool
from her llama
with her drop spindle

Olympic pin

A silver pin
used at
the Olympics.

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