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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Pottery Items with Llamas

Mexican plate
This fish-shaped plate was made in central Mexico and shows a crowd of people around a corral of llamas.

If you check the close-up photo below you can see that the Mexicans are not too familiar with llamas.

Mexican plate
Vicuna plate

Issued in 1991, this is the ninth plate in the series “The Last of Their Kind: The Endangered Species” painted by Will Nelson.

He writes on the back of the plate “The Vicuna — slim, elegant cousin of the camel — has the lightest, finest wool fleece in the world — and is endangered because of it.”

Zoomorphic vessel

A small vessel
in the shape of a
reclining llama.

From the Inca culture
in Peru, circa 1200 - 1500.

Pencil holder

A pottery
pencil holder!

Pack llamas on platter

At least the llamas
on this pottery platter
from Peru
had enough sense
to stop before
they stepped off the edge.

Peruvian pottery

This Mochicha
Peruvian pot
in the shape
of a llama head
dates from between
300 and 600 AD.

Petrogylph plate

A souvenir
plate showing
llama petroglyphs
from Arica, Chile.

Oil lamp

An oil lamp
in the shape of a llama.

Petrogylph plate

An ancient
pot from Lima, Peru.

Llama pot

This Precolumbian pot from Peru
is a water vessel in the shape
of a kushed, or resting llama.

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