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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Toy Llamas

Toy llama on wheels

I know our grandsons
would love this
pull-toy llama!

Llama puppet

This nine inch tall
wooden puppet
is called
Lloyd the Llama.

Llama puppet

Another puppet
called Lloyd the Llama.

Llama hand puppet

Isn’t this a great hand puppet?

It is about twenty inches long
and the mouth and ears
are controlled by the fingers.

Bean bag llama

This bean bag toy is
“Laffs the Llama from Bolivia”
and is from the
CocaCola International set number four.


The Pushmi-Pullyu
is a character from Dr. Doolittle.

This one was made by Mattel
in 1967.

Plastic llama

A toy plastic llama
made by Britains Ltd.
in England.

Lead llama

A toy lead llama
from Britain.

Plastic llama

A 1950s
doll and llama
from Peru.

Pecking llamas

This toy llama
was made in Oregon
and the heads move up and down
when the toy is rotated.

pull-toy llama

A picture
from 1870
showing a girl
with a llama

Cracker Jack Llama

These llamas
came from
1950s boxes of
Cracker Jack.

Cracker Jack Llama

llama finger puppet

A llama
finger puppet.

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