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These pages are a collection of odd pictures
and trivia about llamas.

(They are not for sale, they are simply for your entertainment.)

Cartoon Llamas

Amimalympics cel

This is a production cel
from the animated
1979 movie Animalympics
and shows the llama
kicking a soccer ball
(which is not shown
in the image).

Andy with soccer ball

Andy Llama also plays soccer.

There used to be cartoons of Andy,
Randy, his older brother
and Sandy, his younger sister
on his website.

Kuzco Kuzco Kuzco - flip

This is Kuzco,
the hero
who is turned
into a llama
in a Disney movie.

The statuette on the right is a maquette of Kuzco Llama
from Disney’s animated feature length motion picture
The Emperor’s New Groove.

These were given to cast and crew members as a wrap party gift.

Punch cartoon

From the “No Wonder
There’s Confusion Department”.

This cartoon
from a 1904 issue of Punch
shows the British lion
with a Tibetan “llama”.

This sign on the
Grand Lama’s door says
“OUT Back in Three Years”.
The lion is holding a copy of the
Anglo-Tibetan Treaty.

(All together now:
The “one-el” lama is from Tibet
while the “two-el” llama
is from South America.)

Cartoon llama

Here is a kind of
cute cartoon llama.

(Even though his ears
are a little short.)

Cartoon llama

Here is a another cute
cartoon of a llama.

Book cover

This book
written and
ilustrated by
Laura Bannon
was published
in 1944.

Puyallup fair shirt

This is
my sweatshirt
from the 1991
Spring Fair.

Llama beans cartoon

This cartoon
showed up
in my files
the other day.

It is from a book of riddles
titled “Llama Beans”.

Dr. Seuss cartoon llama

This painting titled
“Giant llama being led though a village”
is from a wonderful book called
“The Secret Art of Doctor Seuss”.

There are more llama cartoons on page ten.

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