Stereoview photos of llama hikes

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If you look closely at these pictures with each eye on one half of the picture
you should be able to see these pictures in three dimensions!

You will probably have to have your eyes about seven or eight inches
from the screen and move back and forth a bit.
You will likely see three pictures and the one in the middle will be in 3-D.

Pitt Lake dike

A really nice local place to hike
is on the dikes at Pitt Lake.

Mike Lake

Mike Lake in Golden Ears Park is an area where we do
many of our training hikes.

The fishermen here are usually amazed
to see a group of llamas arrive.

Boardwalk at Mike Lake

The boardwalk over a swampy area near Mike Lake
is a good place to sit and have lunch.

Trev near Othello Tunnels

The Othello Tunnels area near Hope is a
spectaular area to hike.

The trail is on an old railway bed and goes over
some narrow bridges and through a number of dark tunnels.

Marnie and Nick at Othello Tunnels

The bridges and tunnels are a challenge for the llamas
the first time they see them.

The river runs through a steep, rocky canyon far below the bridges.

Pizarro in the Potato Range

Pizarro is looking around. on a hike in the Potato Range
in the Chicotin area of central British Columbia.

Tatlayoko Lake view

Climbing high in the Potato Range takes you to this viewpoint
of Tatlayoko Lake a few thousand feet below.

Llama pack saddles on cabin railing

The railing of a porch on a cabin up Relay Creek
was a good place to store the llama pack saddles.