Snapshots on the farm

Mount Baker sunrise

Good morning . . .

This is the view to the southeast from our farm. Mount Baker is down in Washington State and I must have had a good reason to be out of bed in time to see the sunrise.

Llamas and the Golden Ears

Ears looking at you . . .

Looking to the north we can see the Golden Ears peaks which are in a park where we often take the llamas for training hikes.

Eaten tree

Llama topiary . . .

Down by the greenhouse is an ornamental cedar tree which the llamas are carving into an interesting shape.

Vincent sleeping

Caught napping . . .

On a nice sunny day the llamas love to sleep with their belly to the sun. On this day Vincent was totally relaxed. He was sound asleep and didn’t move a muscle as walked around taking photos of him.

Alert llamas

Something interesting over there . . .

Whenever all the llamas are standing stock still and looking at the same point, something is around. It could be a coyote, or perhaps one of the cows across the fence is having a calf.

Deer in pasture

Oh, deer!

Occasionally a deer will wander into the pasture. This usually prompts a session of alarm calling.

Lazo and deer

Who are you?

Lazo is quite interested in the deer, but isn’t sure whether or not to alarm call.

Chimborazo and jade boulder

Jaded llama . . .

Our llamas don’t just guard our art gallery, Chimborazo is keeping his eye on a boulder of jade. We haven’t lost any jade with the llamas watching over it. Mind you the pieces of jade are six or eight tons, which might have something to do with it.


Who are you calling chicken?

In the spring of 2005 the chicken police came around and strangled all of our chickens as there was avian flu a few miles away. If we had been six hundred feet east, we would have been out of the kill zone! Our friend Cathy Kincaid from Alberta gave us this beautiful rooster along with nine productive hens.

Chimborazo and jade boulder

What, no trailer hitch?

We had a couple of visitors who came to see the llamas the other day. Their car makes our llama trailer look tiny! It was an “el” day for them; lunch, limo, llamas, lovin’ etc.

Mayflower looking out barn window

Are you bringing dinner?

Mayflower would probably like me to wash those barn windows.

Alpenglow on Mount Baker

Evening light . . .

At sunset, sometimes the alpenglow on Mount Baker makes us run for the camera.