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About the farm:
Farm home page
Farm slide show — spring and summer
Farm slide show — fall and winter
Farm in the spring
Farm in the fall
Farm in the rain
Farm in the snow
How to find us
Magazine article about us
Meet our latest adoptee
Pictures from our last Open House
Snapshots around the farm

What to expect when your llama is birthing
What to expect when your llama is birthing, page two
Birthing picture sequence
Another birthing sequence

Books on llamas:
Recommended llama books, reviews and ordering information

Breeding information:
Tips on re-breeding your llamas
Important note:
The following pages for running re-breeding charts will not run on the latest versions of Internet Explorer. The pages need to use pop-up windows and Explorer, even though it seems to temporarily allow pop-ups, just doesn’t allow the scripts to run correctly. If you use another browser such as Netscape, Firefox, or Safari the charts will run perfectly.

Run a chart to find the best days to re-breed your llama
Run a chart to check your llama’s cycles
Run a chart to check your llama’s past breedings
Calculate when your cria is due.

Children’s llama art:
Grade one class, visit and thank-you cards
Kindergarten children’s drawings of llamas and notes
Llamas on calendar
School children’s drawings of llamas and notes
More school children’s notes and drawings of llamas

Fiber Pages:
Hand knitted llama hats for sale
Information on llama fiber, with a list of recommended books
Instructions for dying fiber with Kool-Aid
Kits for knitting your own hat, includes pattern and fiber
Knitting pattern for chullo style hat — llama pattern
Knitting pattern for hat — snowflake pattern
Llama pattern 1
Llama pattern 2
Llama pattern 3
Llama pattern 4
Llama pattern 5
Llama pattern 6
Pictures of felted llama fiber projects
Pictures of knitted llama fiber projects
Sharewear photos

Still pictures of llamas fighting
Videos of llamas fighting

First aid:
Patterns and instructions for making a llama boot

Fun pictures with applets:
Llamas in a parade
Llamas in a storm
Llamas in the snow
Llamas reflected in a lake
Spotlight on llamas

Games and puzzles:
Breakaway game
Fun questions, test yourself
On-line jigsaw puzzle — Dove
On-line jigsaw puzzle — Fireball
On-line jigsaw puzzle — Honeysuckle
On-line jigsaw puzzle — Pitt Lake
On-line jigsaw puzzle — Pizarro
Seek word challenge
Short llama quiz

General llama information:
A short history of llamas
Eighteen tips for new owners
General llama information
Informing the new lama buyer
Largest llama
Llama body language
What do you do with llamas?

Hiking pages:
Hiking with llamas — Spruce Lake, 2005
Day hikes around the Fraser Valley
Hiking with llamas — Kananaskis Country, Alberta
UFO in the Kananaskis Country
Hiking with llamas — Lone Valley, Relay Creek, BC
Hiking with llamas — Pacific Crest Trail, Northern Washington
Hiking with llamas — Shulaps Range, BC, hiking in snow
Hiking with llamas — Spruce Lake, Warner Lake, BC
Hiking with llamas — Tatlayoko Lake, BC
Hiking with llamas — Taylor Basin, BC, going through water

Hiking slide shows:
Slide show of Kananaskis Country, Alberta trip (2004)
Slide show of Lone Valley, Relay Creek trip (2002)
Slide show of Pacific Crest Trail trip (1998)
Slide show of Shulaps Meadows trip (1999)
Slide show of Spruce Lake trip (2005)
Slide show of Tatlayoko Lake trip (2001)
Slide show of Taylor Creek trip (2000)
Slide show of Warner Lake trip (2003)

Crop circle
Emu and llama cross
Faces on Mars
Famous paintings of llamas by well-known artists
French web page, translated to English — A llama eats 3 kg of sheets per day
Giant wooden llama in Peru
Infrequently asked questions — search engine queries
Infrequently asked questions — French version
More infrequently asked questions — search engine queries
Llama carvings on mountain
Llama chute
Llama confirmation
Llama fencing
Llama spit — scratch and sniff
Llamas don’t just guard sheep
Llamas in ancient Egypt
Llamas in Guatamala
Llamas in the Arctic
Llamas on Easter Island
Llama on totem pole
Mars Spirit Rover has a visitor
Miniature llamas in Japan
New camera, new problems
Racing llamas
Radioactive llamas
Spanish web page, translated to English — Andean Camelidaes
Spanish web page, translated to English — On the camelidos ones
Spanish web page, translated to English — The flame, queen of the Andes
Thrift shop paintings — displayed in our barn galleries
Tongue in cheek photography lesson
Zebra and llama cross

Alpaca Links
Llama trekking links
Llama Bed and Breakfast Sites
Lots ’n’ lots of llama links — hundreds of llama-related links

Llama Art
Llama paintings and feltings for sale

Llama farms in New Zealand
A visit to llama farms in New Zealand
Selection of New Zealand photos (no llamas)

Llama feeder
Series of photos with description of building a llama feeder-shelter
Llama hay feeder from a satellite dish

Llamas for sale:
A few of the llamas that are available

Llama photos:
Baby llama pictures
List of some of the photos on our pages
Thumbnail list of some of our photos
Photo thumbnails by category
Our favourite llama photos
Llama and alpaca photos taken in Peru
Llama and alpaca photos in Chile

Llama question and answer pages:
Q &A Page one — what do they eat, shelter, sounds, and more
Q &A Page two — feet, training, enemies, and more
Q &A Page three — temperament, transporting, birthing, and more
Q &A Page four — crias, feeding, gaits, horses, and more
Q &A Page five — life span, handling grooming, and more
Q &A Page six — breeding, scientific classification, spit, and more
Q &A Page seven — feeding, fighting, and more
Q &A Page eight — children’s books, songs, and more
Q &A Page nine — sheep guards, fiber colors, and more
Q &A Page ten — droppings, cats, snow, and more
Q &A Page eleven — blue eyes, speed, trees, and more
Q &A Page twelve — halter fitting, anatomy, and more
Q &A Page thirteen — identification, poisonous plants, and more
Q &A Page fourteen — breeding, spitting, fun questions, and more
Q &A Page fifteen — chewing fences, feeding, and more

Llama sounds:
Listen to a variety of llama sounds
More sounds, screaming and crying

Llama trivia pages:
There are one hundred pages of llama trivia . . . you have been warned

Magazine articles:
Guancos in Patagonia
Llamas Magazine interviews us
Pacific Crest Trail llama hiking trip

Mail bag:
Letter of the month
Letters of the month from 2010
Letters of the month from 2009
Letters of the month from 2008)
Letters of the month from 2007
Letters of the month from 2006
Letters of the month from 2005
Some of the earlier e-mails that we have received

Miscellaneous slide shows:
Alpaca photos taken in Chile
Guanaco photos taken in Chile
Llama photos taken in Chile
Vicuna photos taken in Chile
Boat trip, British Columbia Coast (No llamas)
Llama hiking trip on Lake Chelan Summit Trail
Kingdom of Tonga (No llamas)
Twin Lakes, Mount Baker National Forest

New home page:
New home page for

Poisonous plants:
Plants that may be poisonous to llamas (single page)
Update of poisonous plant page with photos (84 separate pages)

Serious stuff:
Diary of a tainted hay episode
Lab results from bad hay
More lab resuts
Memorial to Pizarro
Tribute to Honeysuckle Rose

Some of our llamas:
Burgundy ’95
Canadian Ambassador
A few baby llamas (plus our grandsons)
Sarah Barnart

Spitting llama — still photos
Spitting llama — video

Stereoview photos of llamas:
Anaglyph glasses Anaglyphs of llamas and llama ornaments
A selection of 3-D llama photos
Same photos as above but in anaglyph (red blue) format
3-D views around the farm
Same photos as above but in anaglyph format
3-D llama hiking photos
Same photos as above but in anaglyph format

Spitting llama — videos
Videos of llamas fighting
Videos of llamas running

What’s new:
The latest pages added to this site

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