More llama sounds

We recently had Pizarro, one of our pack llamas die and to try and keep his partner Chimborazo from being lonely and worried, we put another gelding in the field with him. We had tried introducing Tap Dancer to the two packers a couple of years ago but they didn’t get along. Chimborazo and Tap Dancer are half brothers but they seem to hate each other. In fact, as I am writing this, I can still hear some screaming and that is about a week and a half since we put them together. The noise has been impressive, it sounds as if they are killing each other and the neighbours must wonder what is happening, but we have only had one phone call. It usually gets most of the neighbourhood dogs barking as well.

Chimborazo is keeping Tap Dancer in one corner of the field so I am feeding him there and supplying him with water. Hopefully they will sort this out soon and peace will once again return.

Most of the noise is Tapdancer, this is him screaming at Chimborazo.
Tapdancer-1 - AIFF format (20k)

In this clip, Tap Dancer is a little more serious as Chimborazo has just chased him around the field.
Tapdancer-2 - AIFF format (16k)

You can tell in this one that Tap Dancer is upset and is warning Chimborazo to keep his distance.
Tapdancer-3 - AIFF format (96k)

Tap Dancer is making a sound similar to an alarm call, but not as loud.
Tapdancer-4 - AIFF format (13k)

It is obvious that Tap Dancer is telling Chimborazo to stay away.
Tapdancer-5 - AIFF format (37k)

I think that this one means “I don’t like you!”
Tapdancer-6 - AIFF format (21k)

this one means “I mean business!”
Tapdancer-7 - AIFF format (33k)

One of our girls was quite unhappy while she was being shorn and in this clip you can hear her crying about it. The noise in between her cries is the electric shears.
shearing-cry-1 - AIFF format (65k)

She is still being shorn, but now she sounds pathetic.
shearing-cry-2 - AIFF format (29k)