Letter of the month

We get some wonderful e-mails about our site and have decided to share some of them here.

February, 2011

Hello Brian,

As so often, I stumbled upon your site rather by accident. I don’t even remember what I was looking for.

But I was very pleased to find your site a true camelid enthusiast site. Without commerce being the prime motive.

Nice to see that there are more people about, who like keeping alpacas and llamas for the fun of it, without having dollar signs in their eyes.

Too many sites begin with “. . . only advantages and profit” and end with “FOR SALE”. Things shouldn’t always be so serious, and about making money.

As an alpaca breeder (on a very small scale), I try to run a site (albeit a lot smaller) with all kind of useful info about alpacas and llamas I gather on the web. Mostly it’s the original version (mentioning the source) and a translated Flemish version — sometimes even a French one as well.

BTW I also have a “camelid fun” page you might find some interesting pictures on for your site.

Kind regards,
Jim Pauwels

Jim has a great website Suave Alpaca which is really worthwhile checking out.