Past Letters of the month

December, 2005

Your website is WONDERFUL! My seven-year-old son is blind and we really liked being able to hear the sounds the llamas make.

Thank you for all your work to put together such an informative and multisensory website!!!!

Gay and Matthew

We mailed some samples of spun and unspun fibre to them and Gay sent us a photo and this reply:

Thank you so much for sending the llama fur and wool. As you can see, Mattie loved the softness. This was when I first handed it to him . . . he just cuddled it to his neck for the longest time. Later he made a llama beard, but I was laughing too hard to take a picture of that!!!!

I really appreciate your time and effort. Every new experience helps Mattie build a better understanding of the vast world around him. We’re hoping to find some llamas a little closer than Canada to visit soon!

Thanks again,
Gay and Matthew

November, 2005

Llemus in existence

Well, ok, maybe only in my imagination . . . glad to see they inhabit yours as well.

First . . . the story. My husband woke me up around 3 am complaining that I was crying out loudly. I came into that state of semicoherance that deep sleepers sometimes reach, and told him that I was angry that our llamas weren’t laying enough eggs.

Now, understand, I’d not visited your site yet, and we’ve just begun to research llamas as guardians for our farm. (Umm, yes, I did know enough about them to know that they have no avian tendency.) I must send him to your site. We haven’t stopped laughing about my egg laying llamas yet.

Second . . . we live in North West Georgia and I’m getting rather desperate for one of these beauties. Do you know of any breeders near here or is there a national club for llama breeders like ADGA for my dairy goats? Would you mind putting me in touch? Thank you soooo much. After the inital shock of seeing my weird dream with awake eyes, I laughed till the tears ran.


In case you are wondering
Faith had visited our page on a llama and emu cross.

October, 2005

Hi, I was just at your websight and saw that you were maybe going to import eight-inch llamas.

I was interested in this as I was looking to maybe purchase some miniature llamas. I can’t help to wonder if they really do exist. If they do can you tell me were I would find more info on them as well as if you might be able to import a few for me and what it might cost.


September, 2005

Just wanted to say that I think you have a great information site for Llamas. For some reason I’ve always had this weird affection for them, I’ve never seen one in real life but I think it would be really neat to own one. Your site has helped me a lot on getting the information I need. Thanks,


August, 2005

I was looking on the web to find out about felting and came upon your website. I have three gelded llamas as pets and really enjoyed the information about the llamas.

I just loved your llama photos, I have many photos I could add to your collection. It seems like every time you try to get that good picture they act up just like my kids do in front of the camera.

Thanks for a very enjoyable site.


July, 2005

Dear Pinkertons (and your fine llamas):

One of our administrative staff members here at the Art Museum of Western Virginia recently announced that Winslow Homer painted another version of our “Woodchopper in the Adirondacks,” this one with a llama. We found this questionable, as we were pretty sure that the forestry industry in 19th-century New York state was not inclined towards innovative forms of transportation. So we gathered around her computer, she Googled the title of our painting . . . and we explained to her how very sophisticated Photoshop is.

Let me say that the staff here finds your gallery section very witty, and we think your take on our painting is a hoot. They asked me, though, to be sure you’re aware that original artwork usually has copyright issues, and other owners of works you have could be more inclined to enforce their copyrights. You might want to do a little quiet checking on who has rights to the originals you’ve embellished (God forbid Microsoft’s Corbis division is an owner!), and make sure you’ve modified the works enough that they are considered artworks in their own right.

We were interested in how you actually got a version of our image (we’ve only got a detail on our website). We also wondered if you’d be kind enough to mention in your copy under your “value-added” version, that we own the “plain version” of the painting. And, if you’re ever in the Roanoke, Virginia, area, do come see us (we speak llama).

Art Museum of Western Virginia

June, 2005

Hi! I absolutely love llamas! They are the coolest animal in the universe! When I grow up (I’m only 11 yrs) I am going to have the biggest llama farm in the world! I’m just wondering, do you know of any kid’s llama membership? Because I want to join one!

Llama Lover,

May, 2005

Yours is my favorite llama website in the whole wide world — well, make that my favorite site period. Thanks so much for creating it.


Ellen kindly sent the following poster
that she created . . .

Silence of the llamas

April, 2005

I stumbled across your website as I was investigating alpacas here in Virginia, U.S.A.

The audibles are adorable. The scenarios you’ve written to accompany each sound are delightful and oh so clever. Then I get to the bottom of the page and see your name . . .

Of course your stuff is adorable and delightful and oh so clever . . . you are Pinkertons as was my Mom! Thank-you, I really enjoyed it!


March, 2005

I’m more than impressed with your site. It amazes me that someone could invest so much into a web site. It’s GREAT!

I located it through an AOL Google search on Llamas. I was looking for the perfect llama trio. haven’t really found it yet. My boyfriend and I wanted to frame a trio and place it over the bed because he talks in his sleep a lot and the words lama lama lama come up a lot. Do realize my name is Pamala with three As, and he calls me pamalama a lot. He doesn’t know the significance of the trio lama repeated in his sleep but wants a picture anyway.

Just thought I’d share. Thank you for your time.


February, 2005

Here are some words of wisdom (according to llamas) to live by:

If you love someone — lay next to them

If you don't like someone — spit at them

If you really don’t like someone — body slam them

When in doubt — walk away

When the sun shines — soak it in

When you are relaxed — roll in the dirt

If you miss someone — hum

If you are stressed — hum loudly!

When it rains — lay down and enjoy it.


January, 2005

wow you guys rock! i love llamas! your site is awesome. is all of that true though? all of the cross-breeding that’s going on? llamas are pimps. keep up the good work. i suggest the next cross you should try is a llama with a snake.


December, 2004

Wow. I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the time it must have taken you to put together your website. I llove llamas, and this is definitely by far the best llama site I’ve ever come across. I forwarded the llink to all my llama-lloving pals, too!