Past Letters of the month

December, 2010


I just had to write you. I find your pages so informative. I’m a late-life spinner I’m afraid and dreaming that I could have a farm one day to raise fibre animals. I don’t think I have even scratched the surface of your pages!

And you even have one named Beverley, bet she’s a love, that was my given name. I would love to know more about your lives with the animals and of course what fiber you have.

I especially love to hear the sounds they make. I have loved animals all my life. Every stray was always dropped off in my care. I’ve only been processing my own fiber for about a little over a year now but I’m not going to give up the dream just yet of raising some at the Fall of my life because I always feel like Spring in my heart! God bless and keep up the good work!

Yours Truly,

November, 2010

Hi Brian,

It’s been a long time coming but I have finally finished the guanaco web site for Louisa incorporating some of your photographs. It went live today (Nov. 1st) on Clar Innis Guanaco Stud so I thought you should be amongst the first to take a look.

Once again, many thanks for allowing us to use your photographs. All the images on the “Guanacos” page are yours. An acknowledgement is included both in the header and at the foot of the page. I was especially pleased with what I was able to do for the page header using three of your photos (one inverted). I think it is rather striking, and hope that you agree.

Our friends Louisa and Murray have asked me to convey their sincere thanks to you, also, for the use of these photographs. If ever you are back in NZ, I am sure that they would give you a very warm welcome.

Thanks again. Kind regards,


October, 2010

Questions with no answers — come on, really?!?! You were doing so well!

I was a little baffled when I first opened this e-mail, and then I realized that the person who sent it (Thom-n-Kiki) had been looking at our page of Infrequently Asked Questions.

The page is a list of search engine queries that resulted in our web site showing up and the top part of the page has a list of questions with tongue-in-cheek answers. However, the bottom part of the page has a list of queries that I just didn’t seem to have answers for.

A big shout-out goes out to Thom-n-Kiki for taking the time to answer all of these queries . . .

Answers to the queries with no answers:
  1. God.
  2. Stay calm.
  3. Rooster.
  4. Lying around enjoying the sun, boredom, running around a field.
  5. Get a female.
  6. Ball like membrane, gaseous interior.
  7. Internet.
  8. Sit, heel, stay — stay away from cats.
  9. I would suggest asking a doctor as it probably depends on which part of the husband has separated. Different procedures can have different fees. For example, a separated shoulder could be less costly than separated ribs or vice versa.
  10. Roots, stalk, leaves, flower, bean.
  11. See: songs by Little Bow Wow and Snoop Dog
  12. If you knit or know someone who does, round tablecloth patterns can be found on the internet or at your local craft store.
  13. See: Prehistoric man to present.
  14. All answers to this question can be found in the Canadian Encyclopedia under salamander.
  15. Quick Q BBQ in St Petersburg, Florida.
  16. China.
  17. An M in its name.
  18. See: Leaf Litter Arthropods of MesoAmerica.
  19. See: Llamas at
  20. The only lama with four legs would have had a serious birth defect or been a conjoined twin. So far, no four legged lamas have been reported by any Tibetan organization or any other religious affiliate with lamas.
  21. There are many pictures of llamas, it is up to the individual to decide which one is great. I do not claim to be an art or photography expert of any kind.
  22. All kinds.
  23. 42.
  24. This seems like a good one.
  25. See: Texas A&M football fans.
  26. Depends on the circumstances.

September, 2010

My husband and I bought our first Llamas a few months back. Living in Texas and always being either horse or cattle “people” we knew absolutely nothing about them when we got them other than they make great therapy pets...

You see my husband has had several heart attacks and a triple aortic aneurysm bypass, just last year, and is less than 57 years old. Then this year his blood pressure went up so high that he missed almost six months of work. A therapist friend of ours asked him if he knew anything about llamas and we said that we didn’t. We only own a little over five acres but since his declining heath we had sold off all of our live stock. So when we went out to a farm to see some, he fell in love instantly. So instead of buying two, we have three — two-year-old females. And I talked my sister into buying a couple for herself, and like us they now have Llama Fever.

Not knowing a thing about them I turned to the web for info. This is where my thank you comes in. Your site has given me a wealth of information and a chuckle or two with some of the questions that you are asked! Working with the llamas has returned my husband’s blood pressure to normal and he is back to work.

We are still learning something new everyday about them, we enjoy them so much. We spend as much time as we can sitting out on our patio deck and watching their gracefulness and curiosity. Ours are half wild . . . never really worked with other than a halter put on then a couple of times when we got them. But through kindness, patience, and gentleness they are really coming learning to trust. They just have a way of worming their way right into your heart. Thank You, thank you for your site and your knowledge. Bless You!


August, 2010

Getting that great photo

Thanks for having such a fun website. I’m in complete sympathy with the photo taking. We take a lot of photos of our Drill Team dogs. The set up photos are fun to see but it can be a little frustrating when all the people are out of the photo area and one dog gets up to run off the scene or turns to smell another’s rear end. Thank goodness for digital cameras. We can delete the photos we definitely don’t want seen.

Thanks for the enjoyable photos and captions. They add spice of life.


July, 2010

Dear Brian

I came across your collection of llama art while researching Monet’s painting of Jeanne-Marguerite Lecadre in the garden.

What a joy! They’re charming.

Kind regards


June, 2010

Just writing you to compliment you on your fabulous feeder. I love inventiveness and creative use of extant materials even more. You ought to win some sort of recycling award.


May, 2010

I just thought I would let you know, I love your llama fencing page. Great sense of humor!


April, 2010


Loved your page with the Google translation from the French “Lama” website. The original does indeed make more sense and the laundry was indeed mistranslated (as were many other words and phrases): it should have been “leaves”!

Moral — never use machine translation — it’s dangerous!

Glad you printed our version (and not a Google one) of the infrequently asked questions - thanks!


March, 2010

What fun! I nearly fell of my chair laughing with the fencing page!

And, it’s so good to see I’m not the only one who has baskets full of photos not suitable for framing. Do they know when you are trying to get a great shot for the ILR??

I’m working on a new web site and now don’t feel I have to be so serious. Thanks!


February, 2010

Hi -

I was reading your question and answer page and noticed that you say on page 14 that “llama” in Spanish means “name”. In fact, it is actually a conjugated verb.

“Como se llama?” can be translated as “what is your name?”, but the true translation is “what do you call yourself?”. The Spanish word for “name” is “nombre".

~ a spanish student

January, 2010

Hello Brian -

I happened upon your website today after a student of mine asked me how to say llama in French. Not ever having been asked (or needing to know for my own personal needs), I did not know. The dictionaries in the classroom also did not supply the information we needed. I told them I would research the information and let them know tomorrow.

I followed the link from your page to the actual page in French to find my answer. When I returned to your web page I was curious as to why you thought llamas ate 3kg of sheets a day. Upon returning to the French page, I discovered it’s actually leaves. The word is the same, les feuilles.

I wanted to write and thank you for brightening my day! Merci!

Mme Jennifer
French Teacher