Past Letters of the month

December, 2009

mi name is Giovanna :)...
Today I went to the zoo with my 4 years old daughter and for first time she saw a Llama...I said Llamas live in Peru from where her mum comes from...

Anyway, I found your web page and I saw the Oyster Gatherers of Cancale picture with the Llama. I was looking for a poster or copy of the paint buy any of them is with the Llama :(

Can I get a copy or poster with the Llama somewhere???

Thank you very much for your time reading my sorry if I am bothering you;
My most sincerest regards

I replied . . .
Unfortunately there are no posters of that painting available. The truth is that I simply added the llama to the picture myself. You are welcome to copy the picture from the web page though and print it out yourself.

She replied . . .
Hi, Me again :)!!
Thank you very much for the quick reply to my email and to be honest last night I already copy the picture ;) !!!

Wow...did you paint it yourself??? I think is a wonderful job. I enjoyed the picture very much (I enjoyed so much that I would like a “Llamita” in my living room) :)....I think paints are better than photographs or posters in a house...well, perhaps one day.... :) !! Have a beautiful day and my best wishes from this side of the world...

I explained . . .
No, I didn’t paint that, John Singer Sargent painted it a long time ago, I simply added the llama using Photoshop.

She replied . . .
Wait a minute! I am not so silly!!! hahahaa....of course I understood who had painted the “Oyster Gatherers of Cancale”. I was talking about the Llama...I find out the Ville de Cancale is in France (am I right??)...
I am living in the U.K (South East)...bad weather!! cold, wet, windy...etc, etc, etc.... however we had got a better summer this year :) ....ok, time to put the potates in the oven! :) !!!
Thank for your time,

November, 2009

Subject: your website Kudos

I am sure you get lots of these “Kudos” comments, but I have to send one more. I was surfing to find everyone’s different definitions of llama fiber and came across your website. I have been using eBay to see old postcards and jewelry, etc about llamas. It has been a pain as it is inconsistent and time consuming. I have spent the entire morning looking at your pages 1 to 50. I have to go do other things, but it is like a good book I don’t want to put down. I can’t wait to get back to look at the pages 50 to 100.


Hugs, Gwen

October, 2009

Zebra??? OMG that is amazing . . . I wonder how it will be able to pack ???????? I have not been on here for a long time but is this a current pic or do you have more and how is it doing???


We replied:
Isn’t Photoshop wonderful? ;-)

This is Dana’s reply:
Yes it is . . . I first saw it and had to wonder and I thought OMG that is unreal and what an animal you have !!! then as I said I went back and read and figured . . . would have really been an animal though. Could have packed half a boned elk . . . LOL have a great night and just to let ya know you at least made me smile and that is worth it all........

September, 2009

Love your sense of humour. It is even funnier to think that some people ask some of these questions. I hope all is well with you and your llamas. By the way. I did have a question asked of me and maybe you have the answer. Do you call you llama group a “herd” or “flock”? I kind of go between both but maybe you know what the correct term is.


We have always referred to them as a herd.

August, 2009

Many thanks for giving us permission to use some of your super site material for our magazine Alpagas et lamas de France. Attached is a first effort of an adaptation (you can’t translate all the puns more’s the pity!) for the “fun” page. We hope you’ll find it useful for your French-speaking readers. We shall be adapting other items shortly. Will keep in touch!

Best wishes

This is the Babel Fish translation of the first part of the French page . . .

L ? one of the sites of spangled most complete of the world, is based in Canada: ?Mount Lehman Spangled?. We are honoured D ? to have the permission of L ? stockbreeder and owner D ? to reach his superb site, whose certain pages will be translated here into French. Serious N ? never excluding L ? humour, ?Mount Lehman from time to time Spangled? offer with its readers L ? occasion of dérider. Example, a selection of odd questions, even idiots, posed with the site about spangled. With answers not less odd and pareillement whimsical. L?un des sites de lamas le plus complet du monde, est basé au Canada : « Mount Lehman Llamas ».

July, 2009

Your website is absolutely amazing. I have referred so many people there over the years and I have to admit — I “stop by” and check it out regularly — even after owning llamas for over 25 years. Keep up the great work!


Julie must like our site, the following is a note she sent to a friend:

It is one of the most amazing llama sites ever. So much information and such a good resource. I loved the “spitting” noises and the boys fighting.

Does everyone know that the noises for the velociraptors and dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are really llama noises? Kids freak when I tell them that when I have tours here.

June, 2009

Subject: llamas and peru, very cool

(aka the llama place)

Peru, if you look, is shaped like a llama head

Peru is where first domesticated in Peru

A llama is featured on Peru’s flag

A llama is also on Peru’s coat to arms

Llamas make up a large part of Peru’s economy

Peruvians eat llama

They also spin their fur/shag into wool and sell it

Cuzco, the main character in The Emperors’ New Groove, a Disney movie, gets turned into a llama, is an Inca (which also lived in Peru), and Cuzco is the capital of the Incan Empire, located in Peru

Llamas are commonly used as pack animals in Peru

Macchu Pichu, a famous ruin of an Incan temple in Peru, uses llamas as a sort of lawnmower

Lima, the capital of Peru, sounds like llama

And if you look, you could probably find out more llamalisious things about Peru.


May, 2009


The grandson of a friend asked his father how old their cat was in human years. Satisfied with his father’s answer, the boy then wanted to know how old the cat was in llama years. Can you help us?

Yes, this little boy is quite bright! Thanks for your help.


I have never seen figures about this, but judging by the ages ours have lived to, I would suggest that a llama year would equal four human years.

April, 2009


I just discovered your website the other day while researching llamas . . . your site is filled with fabulous facts and the only down side is now my face hurts from laughing at all the “amazing stories” and “art reviews” . . . I also really appreciated the convenience of having some of the practical information translated into Valley Speak and such.

Thanks! Oh, and by the way your Mount Lehman Llamas are terrific!

Best regards,

March, 2009

Subject: photos.

Too funny!!!!!!!

February, 2009

Just to tell who you can meet a teaching point.

Today I was wearing a nice and warm blouse made of alpaca and bought in Peru by my daughter.

Today it is cold and my hard-of-hearing and deaf students asked me: have you knitted yourself?

No, but this is . . . and then I wanted to show them a picture from the animal that gives so wonderful wool.

So we have learned a lot today again. When you are curious . . .



(Birthe teaches school in Denmark)

January, 2009

Loved it. I was enjoying your information on llamas when I ran across the gallery. Love your sense of humor. I am an artist (in the distant past an art teacher for a while). I want to share your artwork with my artist friends. I am part of a plein air group (all that means is we paint outside.) We try hard not to commit the faux pas in these paintings but we have each other to keep us in line. We have horses and board for others as well. We acquired a llama that had been attacked by dogs. The owners didn’t want to pay the cost of fixing it so signed it over to our veterinarian. We have coyotes so we were hoping that Spinner could help us out. So we board him for free for our vet. I am not sure exactly who owns the llama — the vet or us at this point but we are learning slowly what he needs.