More infrequently asked questions

There are a lot of strange questions asked on the Internet and this page has a sampling of some of the actual queries to search engines that resulted in people finding our web site.

Unfortunately the answers were not there so this page is another attempt to rectify that.

How do llamas move?
They don’t need a moving van, a small trailer is all they need.

Why do llamas travel in herds?
Because they don’t have a trailer.

How long do llamas live?
They live until they die. Some live very short lives while others may live twenty-three and a half years or so.

Can I feed deadly nightshade to my llamas and alpacas?
Doesn’t the name of the plant give you a clue?

Poisonous hay for llamas.
Did you ask the previous question?

How do I kill a llama?
See the last two questions above.

Pictures of the poisonous llama.
You could check with the guy who wanted to feed his animals deadly nightshade.

How do you eat a llama?
With a knife and fork, and be sure to chew each bite twenty-five times, just like your mother told you. Avoid the one in the previous question though.

Can you eat llama heart?
You could, but I don’t think that the llama would be too happy about it.

Llama pit cooking recipe.
You would have to dig a pretty big pit, and invite a lot of people to help you eat it all.
What kind of vegetables do llamas like to eat?
Llama beans.

Do llama eat canned corn?
They have too much trouble using a can opener.

What time of day do llamas eat?
10:43 am.

Where do llamas and alpacas eat?
Wherever they happen to be.

Can llamas live on hay and feed?
No, they also need water.

Do llamas have poisonous spit?
No, but if you ate enough of it you would probably vomit.

Is lama spit poisonous?
Lamas may chant, but they are too polite to spit.

Llama spit paintings.
Now that is a great idea. We could hang some blank canvases in the barn and irritate the llamas until they spit.

Llama made cartoon.
They have trouble holding a pencil, so there aren’t many llama-made cartoons available.

How did the llama get to Peru?
It walked.

What did llamas do in Peru?
Visited their relatives.

Where does the Peruvian llama come from?
Duhh. Peru.

Do llamas originate from Mars?
NASA denies it. You can judge for yourself on this page of actual NASA photos.

What kind of ground do llamas live in?
They don’t live in the ground. You are thinking of moles.

What do you find in a llama’s habitat?

How fast can llamas run?
A litle faster than the cougar or whatever is chasing it.

How far can you make a llama run?
Until the cougar gets tired.

How far does a llama run in a hour?
27.53 miles.

Llama running website.
I have never heard of a llama running a website. Perhaps a lama could run one.

Can llamas camouflage themselves?
We have some that cover themselves with hay, but they still look like hay-covered llamas.

Do llamas kill themselves?
No, pumas take care of that for them.

Can we mount a llama?
You would be best to get a taxidermist to do it.

How to mount a jigsaw puzzle?
Glue in each piece as you are doing the puzzle.

Do llama’s?
Do llamas what?

Do llamas migrate?
Ours migrate as far as the fence line.

How did llamas get their names?
Their owners gave them their names.

Blue eyed llama names.
Frank Sinatra, old blue eyes, obviously.

Why do llamas make noises?
Why not? They like to hum when they are in the mood.

How long does a humming live?
Usually about fifteen to twenty seconds.

What is the length of a llama?
142 centimeters.

How long have llamas been around?
Since 1981 on our farm.