Infrequently asked questions

There are a lot of strange questions asked on the Internet and this page has a sampling of some of the actual queries to search engines that resulted in people finding our web site.

Unfortunately the answers were not there so this page is an attempt to rectify that.

Who was the first person to see a llama?
If you mean between the two of us, I would suspect that my wife would have been first as I would have been driving and watching the road. If you mean the very first to see a llama, I would have to think that it would have been the Creator.

What would happen if llamas became extinct?
There wouldn’t be any more llamas.

Where can I find the urinary track of a llama?
Wait for a snowy day and the tracks will show up in yellow.

Do llamas lay eggs?
No, they don’t want to compete with the Easter bunny.

Why do llamas curl their tails?
To make themselves look pretty.

How do you spell llama?
The same way you do.

Can llamas walk backwards?
Ours will as soon as they see the vet walking towards them.

How many lumps does a llama have?
We had one with a lump on its jaw.

How do llamas recreate?
Their recreation consists of lying around enjoying the sun and then when they get bored, they will run around the field sometimes. I am glad that you didn’t ask how they procreate.

What do llamas do?
See above.

Why does my llama not eat?
Maybe it is not hungry.

How do llamas get food and water?
Home delivery.

What type of food do llamas eat?
Llama beans.

Where does the dolly llama live?

Is it good luck if a llama spits in your face on your birthday?
I wouldn’t think so.

What are the advantages of sexual reproduction for a llama?
Continuation of the species.

Can llamas have sex?
See above.

What made that llama smile?
See above.

Is eating llama meat in the US legal?
Probably, but the owners might get miffed.

Recipe for llama
Did you ask the previous question?

Recipes for Northwest Territories
First get one really big pot . . .

How to bet sloths and their combinations
Sloth races! What an idea! I’ll bet they are pretty slow.

Do two-headed llamas exist?
You are thinking of a pushmi-pullyu.

What can I name my llama?
Llarry for a male. Llilly for a girl.

What is the common name for a llama?
See above.

How do I learn to speak the official language of llamas?
Take a course.

Are there llamas in Africa?
See below.

Is a llama and an elpaca the same animal?
The elpaca is a cross between an elephant and and alpaca. They are grey and very woolly, with a short trunk.

What is a llama crossed between?
See above.

Were can I find informashin on llamas?
Where were you during spelling class?

Who do llamas live with?
A bunch of them live with us.

Where can I find information on a llama?
Information on a llama is found either on a tattoo in the ear
or on a microchip near the tail.

Why does a llama have a long neck?
It needs a place to park its head.

Why do llamas eat what they eat?
Their necks aren’t long enough to reach anything else.

Can I own a llama in Illinois?
It would be easiest if you actually live in Illinois.

How to llama art?
Get a really big piece of paper, put lots of paint in pans on the ground, and let the llamas walk throught the pans and onto the paper.

What does llama mean in English?

Why are there llamas?
For the same reason there are giraffes or anteaters.

What is the llama now?
It is still a llama.

How soon can you buy a baby llama?
As soon as you save up the money.

How do llamas hear?
If you look closely, you will notice that they have long ears.

How old are llamas?
That depends, we have some old ones and some young ones.

What do llama’s neck do?
They are useful for holding their heads on.

How long are llamas?
If we had an oriental llama, we would certainly name it How Long.

Then there were queries that there just don’t seem to be answers for and I would assume that the people browsing didn’t stay for long . . .

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