Some of our favourite llama photos . . .

Guanaco in Patagonia

I took this picture
down in Patagonia
and it seems to be
quite popular
as it shows up
on quite a number
of other web sites.

Shania Twain with maple leaf

Another photo that shows up
occasionally is this one of
our young Shania Twain
holding a maple leaf
in her mouth.

Ginger and Llamathyst

Taking llama photos
requires a lot of patience.

Getting this one of Ginger
and her cria Llamathyst
took over an hour
and a whole roll of film.

You may have seen this picture
before as we made it into
a poster which has graced
many a llama barn.

Storm on Pacific Crest Trail

Jane took this photo
of me on the Pacific Crest Trail
in Northern Washington.

Those black clouds soon developed
into a spectacular thunder storm.

Pizarro jumping creek

Our friend Janet Boyhan
whose llamas we used on the
Pacific Crest Trail,
is taking our llama, Pizarro
over a creek, high up in the
Southern Chilcotin area
of British Columbia.

Chris and Stephanie

Another friend who hikes with
us is Chris Chow, shown here
with her young niece
in Golden Ears Park
which is near Vancouver, BC.

Autumn Wind

Autumn Wind was born
during an impressive wind storm
and she still looks good
against a dark stormy sky.

Autumn Leif

This young cria,
for some reason,
got named Autumn Leif.

Aretha and Jubilation

Aretha Franklin and her cria Jubilation
are kicking back and enjoying the scenery
to the north of Mount Lehman.

Ambassador and Joanne

Our daughter-in-law, Joanne
is taking her favourite llama,
Canadian Ambassador for a walk
by the ocean at White Rock, BC.

Aretha and Jubilation

This photo was taken on the last day
of a ten-day hiking trip in the Kananaskis
area of Alberta.

The mountain in the background
is called the Cat’s Ears.