A padded llama boot for foot injury

If your llama gets a cut foot while out hiking, it can cause a serious problem. To protect the foot, and help keep the injury clean, you can easily make this protective boot to carry along on your hiking trips. The instructions and patterns are provided below

llama boot, side view

Side view.

llama boot, front view llama boot, back view

Front and Back views.


Cordura, gortex or some other strong water resistant material
18" of 1" velcro
20" of 1" webbing
Leather for sole 5-1/2" (14cm) by 6" (15-1/2cm)
Fleece padding for inside bottom of boot

llama boot pattern

Pattern, full size.

llama boot sole pattern

Pattern for leather sole.

llama boot top strap pattern

Pattern for top strap.

llama boot ankle strap pattern

Pattern for ankle strap.

llama boot ankle front pattern

Pattern for front.